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In Pictures: Snow-Clad Murree Attracts Thousands of Tourists

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Murree, the beautiful mountain resort town has been receiving light snowfall, something which attracts tourists from across the country in hundreds of thousands.While the tourists enjoy the snowfall in Murree and adjoining Galyat areas, they also face difficulty when it gets heavier and blocks the roads.

The ugly side of the snowfall is that it freezes the civic life. People get stuck in snow-filled roads and coupled with the power outage, and gas load-shedding, this adds to the woes of both locals and visitors who find it hard to protect themselves from the chilling cold weather.

Following are some of the scenic views captured by lenses:

Murree-pics-1.png The Sun Peeps Out of the Snowy clouds in Murree murree-snow1.png Strong snowy wind blurs the picture! murree-snow-2.png (Almost) Nothing Can Stop Tourists from Thronging Murree! murree-snow-3.png This Man has Crossed All the Blockades to Enter Murree, Somebody Give Him a Medal Please! murree-snow-4.png Oh oh…! Stuck Again? Murree-snow-5.png This Kid is Here to Enjoy the Weather, and He Means Business! murree-snow-6.png Tourists Enjoying Murree’s Weather, Right There in the Middle! Murree-snow-7.png While the Tourists Enjoy, Locals Remain Busy in the Daily Routine Murree-snow-8.png A Local Resident Trying to Clear the Way for Tourists


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