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PAF is Adding 28 Fourth Gen JF-17 Thunder Jets to its Fleet

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Pakistan Airforce (PAF) is going to add 63 fourth generation, indigenously built, JF-17 fighter jets to its fleet by the year 2022, a report revealed on Sunday.


JF-17, a Multi Combat Aircraft, is jointly built by Pakistan’s Aeronautical Complex and China’s Chengdu Aircraft Corporation.

As per the report, PAF is going to get 35 JF-17 Block 2 – the already existing JF series – and 28 JF-17 Block 3 aircraft – the fourth generation warplane- within the next four years.


The addition of Block 2 fighter planes will be completed by 2020 with PAF receiving 13 of the aircraft in 2019 and remaining by 2020.

The two countries are also jointly developing JF-17 Block 3, fourth-generation fighter jets which will be delivered to Pakistan Air Force by 2022.

The report suggests that China’s Chengdu Aircraft Corporation would deliver the first two JF-17 Block 3 jets and the remaining 26 would be made in Pakistan.


What’s New in JF-17 Block 3??JF-17-block-3.png.3787724df5da0bbaa7b5b619253580e7.png

JF-17 Block 3 is a fourth generation warplane with more advanced equipment and features such as:

  • Avionics Lab
  • Pilot Visor
  • A new single panel multi-functional display.
  • An active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar
  • An infrared search and track system
  • A two-seater cockpit option with a flight control stick
  • A top speed of 2.00 plus Mach

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