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    Tum Mery Ho is another masterpiece by Nayab Jallani. It is very good story to read. Tum Mery Ho is the story of girl who was very stubborn. This story is based on a little revenge but in the fight of hate love wins. It is very interesting story and reader will feel the magical flow of words that how all the stages are connected to each oher. Tum Mery Ho is the story of girl who wanted to make her love just for herself she never bear the interruptions and sharing of her love but with the time she learned that love is name of giving and sharing. Tum Mery Ho is an emotional story too. Read Complete story Tum Mery Ho by Nayab Jallani.
  3. Pakistan is ranked 51st out of 140 in terms of graduate skills with Switzerland being the best performer in this regard. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Global Competitiveness Report (GCR), Switzerland is the best country when it comes to the skill set of graduates. It ranked Pakistan at 51 with a score of 54.8 and a value of 4.3, just above average. The competitiveness report calculated the value of graduate skills in the range of 1-7, 7 being the highest. It took into account the availability of graduate skills required by the businesses in the present era. Pakistani Passport’s Ranking Gets Even Worse in 2018 Report Here are the best performers of 2018 regarding graduate skills, Switzerland, rank: 1 US, rank: 2 Netherlands, rank: 3 Finland, rank: 4 Singapore, rank: 5 Malaysia, rank: 6 Germany, rank: 7 Iceland, rank: 8 Israel, rank: 9 Sweden, rank: 10 Denmark, rank: 11 Ireland, rank: 12 Austria, rank: 13 Hong Kong SAR, rank: 14 Belgium, rank: 15 PIEAS Tops Pakistani Universities in QS Rankings 2019 Ranking of other countries is as follows: Qatar, rank: 16 Luxemburg, rank: 19 Canada, rank: 20 Norway, rank: 22 Lebanon, rank: 25 UK, rank: 28 Portugal, rank: 29 Bahrain, rank: 31 Indonesia, rank: 33 France, rank 35 India, rank: 36 China, rank: 37 Japan, rank: 40 S Korea, rank: 85 Kuwait, rank: 43 Sri Lanka, rank: 44 Saudi Arabia, rank: 50 Pakistan, rank: 51 Italy, rank: 60 Spain, rank: 47 Russia, rank: 72 South Africa, rank: 85 Turkey, rank: 94
  4. The Ministry of Commerce has informed National Assembly that Pakistan has exported human hair worth $1.6 million in the past five years. During the Question Hour, the officials of the ministry told the lower house that since 2013, Pakistan had exported 1,05,461 kilograms of human hair worth the US $1,32,000 to China. According to the secretary of commerce, besides China, Pakistan also exported human hair to the United States and the United Arab Emirates during this time, but the neighboring country remained the biggest importer throughout. Malaysia Wants to Import Halal Food from Pakistan This was the first time ever that the parliament was informed about the country’s share in the lucrative business. Human hair is used for preparing wigs. This is quite an old industry, dating hundreds of years, but Pakistan entered this field quite late. Among Asian countries, Myanmar remains one of the biggest traders of human hair. Since 2010, it has exponentially increased the volume of hair it ships each year to become the world’s fourth largest exporter, the United Nations reports.
  5. The National Highway Authority (NHA) is planning to employ an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) on the Abdul Hakeem-Lahore Motorway to make it a state of the art project. A press release has revealed this while explaining the briefing session presided over by the NHA Chairman Jawwad Rafique Malik. The briefing was given by the project consultants Abdul Basit and Chief Executive of China Railway 20 Co. Pakistan Private Limited Li Jieyong. They informed the session that the speedy completion of the said motorway is underway. Moreover, they divulged that they are employing the latest digital system for the project. The system involves handling emergencies, lane marking, controlling traffic accidents, placement of LED screens, weigh station system, electronic toll collection, and optic fiber installation. Lahore On Track to Become Pakistan’s First Smart City. They told that the project will entail maximum civic and traveling facilities at the service areas. Moreover, there will be cameras to monitor the high-speed vehicles. This digital system will be installed all along other motorways. Lahore is already on its way to becoming the first smart city of Pakistan. This step is a big leap towards this goal, as an Intelligent Transport System is deemed as a sine qua non of the smart cities. Along with controlling the traffic congestion and information, ITS is also used for road safety and efficient infrastructure usage.
  6. Only two days ago, China managed to grow a plant on the moon. However, it seems that we celebrated too early. The cottonseed plant, taken to the moon in an enclosed, self-sustained biosphere, sprouted. While there was recognition of the challenge of keeping the plant alive throughout the severe temperature variations on the moon, there was hope the Chinese would be successful in keeping it alive. But the plant could not survive the extreme temperature of the moon. It died a few hours after the news started circulating of its germination. China Grows First-ever Plant on the Moon. Apart from the cottonseeds, potato seeds, yeast, and fruit fly eggs were also kept in the container and taken to the moon by Chinese Chang’e-4 mission. After the plant’s death, the Chinese media announced that the experiment had ended. The seeds were provided sustenance in terms of water, natural sunlight, and even a temperature regulator. But the frigid temperatures of the Moon proved to be more powerful. What happened was that the mission powered down the lander on ‘sleep mode’ (on Sunday) to get ready for the Moon’s lunar night, which lasts 14 days. “Life in the canister would not survive the lunar night. We had no such experience before. And we could not simulate the lunar environment, such as microgravity and cosmic radiation, on Earth,” said Xie Gengxin, the Chief Designer of the experiment.
  7. Millions of people, celebrities and even corporations took on the #10yearchallenge during the past few days. While we all had fun with the memes – some actually posted thoughtful stuff. For example, Jazz showed us how to win at the #10yearchallenge even though this wasn’t even a competition. The telecom company posted a picture for the challenge. Jazz was Pakistan’s largest network a decade ago… and 10 years later, nothing has changed and the telecom service provider is still Pakistan’s largest network. So what changed for the company? Well, in order to maintain their numbers, the company obviously had to upgrade services and keep up with the times (Jazz did get The Speedtest® award from Ookla®, an independent organization that tests internet speeds globally). Jazz’s idea for the #10yearchallenge was so neat that a certain someone even borrowed it (without asking). Soon after Jazz posted its #10yearchallenge, Airtel followed suit. The similarity is uncanny (they look like twins). We’re just glad somehow that creativity seeped through borders. While Airtel doesn’t intend on changing even by 2029, Jazz has big things planned. Jazz has changed over the years. They’ve gotten bigger and better at what they do. That’s how they are still the largest network in Pakistan, they grew with us. Not just as a mobile network provider but also as a mobile Internet provider. They also have the largest mobile internet user base of over 20 million customers. Ideas can be replicated, success though cannot.
  8. Several Indian soldiers have been revealed to be honey trapped from fake social media accounts, allegedly being run from Pakistan. According to a CNN report, an Indian soldier Sombir Singh stationed near Pak-India border was arrested on Friday for similar charges. Sombir reportedly ‘fell in love’ with an Indian medical officer after meeting her online. The Facebook account is alleged to be of a Pakistani. Throughout the year, the soldier revealed sensitive information including troop and tank movements to her. “The bonding between the two was intense. The pair shared erotic messages and explicit photographs,” said the additional director general of Rajasthan police, Umesh Misra. He further revealed that the soldier was trapped from a fake Facebook profile created under the name of ‘Anika Chopra.’ The profile picture shows an Indian girl in a green Sari. The profile is still active. Rajesh Meena, the superintendent of police, State Special Branch, Rajasthan Police, told CNN that the arrested soldier received money via his brother’s account from his online lover. “She started getting confidential information about the army in return of which he received money,” Mishra said. Sombir Singh, if proven guilty, may face three years of jail under the country’s Official Secrets Act.
  9. Mind-reading is an art little appreciated in Pakistan. Recently, a mind-reader, Shaheer Khan took the internet (read Pakistan) by storm thanks to his skills. He can actually read your mind, believe it or not. What happened when Shaheer Khan met the renowned religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel is surely going to give you goosebumps. A video has been circulating over the social media where Khan can be seen reading the mind of the cleric. While the video is old it has started going viral on social media. Maulana’s reaction at the end is priceless and it is definitely worth watching. Here’s how the famous mentalist astonished Tariq Jameel. Shaheer Khan asks Maulana to think of a word and then imagine an experience with that thing. He then tries to read Maulana’s mind, telling him that he is moving in his imagination, aiming at a target while standing. Tariq Jameel nods.Shaheer finally paints the picture of Maulana’s mind, telling him that he was playing basketball in his thoughts.The scholar breaks into laughter on hearing the exact same thing he had imagined seconds ago. He then lauds the young mentalist while jokingly asking to take him as an apprentice.
  10. The UAE, on Friday, officially announced to deposit $3 billion dollars in the central bank of Pakistan to support Pakistan in its bid to come out of its current financial crisis. The United Arab Emirates will deposit $3 billion (equivalent to Dh11 billion) in the State Bank of Pakistan to support the financial and monetary policy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In a statement, the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development said that it will deposit the said amount in the coming days to enhance liquidity and monetary reserves of foreign currency at the Bank. The ties between the two countries have been cordial historically and UAE has helped Pakistan on a number of occasions. The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development has financed eight development projects in Pakistan with a total value of Dh1.5 billion, including Dh931 million in grants. The fund covered projects from fields of energy, health, education and infrastructure. 1,477 people are talking about this The financial package was under discussion between the two countries for quite some time. Prime Minister Imran Khan had also visited UAE in recent days to bolster economic ties with the brotherly country. Immediately after the announcement of the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi took to Twitter to thank the Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Zayed. Qureshi tweeted: “We thank Crown Prince H.H @MohamedBinZayed for his generous financial support of US$ 3 Billion. This is a manifestation of the close fraternal ties between Pakistan & UAE which have always stood the test of time.”
  11. Ali Murtaza Abbas, MOL Group Regional Vice President for the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan, recently called on the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, in Islamabad at his residence in Bani Gala. Mr. Abbas gave a short overview of the group’s operations worldwide and briefed about the operations carried out by MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Company, since its inception in Pakistan in 1999. He informed the PM that MOL Pakistan is currently enjoying the status of the largest producer of LPG and the second largest producer of condensate/crude in Pakistan. The PM was also briefed in detail about the operations carried out in TAL Block of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which are contributing towards meeting the energy challenges in Pakistan. He added that the TAL Joint Venture Partners have invested over USD 2 billion and look forward to making healthy contributions towards the energy needs of the country. Sharing the success stories, Mr. Abbas informed the PM that MOL Pakistan has hit 9 consecutive discoveries in the operated blocks namely Manzalai, Makori, Mamikhel, Maramzai, Makori East, Tolanj, Mardankhel-1, Makori Deep-1 & Tolanj West and 4 discoveries in non-operated blocks namely Halini, Ghauri, Kalabagh & Halini Deep. Mr. Abbas gave a detailed briefing to the PM regarding the CSR initiatives carried by MOL Pakistan in liaison with local authorities in various regions of KP including Karak, Hangu and Kohat which are effectively helping local communities to enjoy a better life. Mr. Abbas expressed his gratitude that the government was providing maximum support to the oil & gas sector which has much more potential to grow in the coming years. He said that MOL Group is looking forward to strengthening Pakistan’s energy sector further and promoting public-private partnerships. Mr. Abbas further informed the PM that the MOL Group EVP Upstream, Dr. Berislav Gaso will be visiting Pakistan to meet the PM on building further business avenues in the country. Mr. Abbas showed deep interest in expanding group’s operations in Pakistan by acquiring additional blocks which will not only bring further investment but will also be beneficial for local economy and employment. PM’s special assistant Naeem ul Haq also attended the meeting.
  12. Pakistanis is at the top of the list in the number of pilgrims that visit Saudi Arabia each year, confirmed Saudi Kingdom’s Hajj and Umrah Ministry. According to the list, the Umrah visas issued this year amounted 2,785,790 and 2,346,429 of those pilgrims actually arrived in the Kingdom. Among these, 637,745 pilgrims belonged to Pakistan. As for others, 420,410 individuals were from Indonesia, 292,607 from India, 135,895 from Malaysia, 128,618 from Yemen, 73,179 from Egypt, 65,970 from Turkey, 59,855 from the United Arab Emirates, and 57,701 from Bangladesh. Moreover, 345,114 pilgrims are still in the country and 233,910 of those are in Makkah while 111,204 are in Medina. Majority of the pilgrims – 2,122,424 exactly – came by air while 213,121 pilgrims came to the Kingdom by land. A small number of pilgrims, i.e., 10,884 came by sea. It is pertinent to mention here that the Vision 2030 reform plan focuses on tourism along with attracting over 30 million Umrah pilgrims by providing them with excellent services. The Saudi Ministry had launched a weekly indicator to enable the authorities to track the number of pilgrims coming to the Kingdom.
  13. Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Mahmood Khan has insisted that they will meet the deadline for Peshawar’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project which was to be completed by March 23. He made these remarks during a brief media talk on Tuesday night in Peshawar. CM KP was there to attend an urgent meeting on BRT project. After the meeting, Mahmood Khan informed media that he has directed all the concerned departments to complete the project within the stipulated time limit. CM Khan told media personnel that he has directed DG Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) and Project Director of BRT to conduct a visit to the worksite and prepare a detailed report. The report on the progress of work is to be submitted to CM Secretariat by Friday. DG PDA has also been asked to keep media informed about the pace of work for public awareness. When asked if he was going to get a clean chit from Malamjabba case, the Chief Minister of KP excused himself from commenting on the matter. “I have full regard and respect for state institutions and will visit the NAB office whenever summoned”, the CM concluded. It is pertinent to mention here that as per the original plan, the project was scheduled to be completed by March 2018. However, the deadline was missed and since then the project is facing delays. The government changed the deadline for the project’s completion many times. Not only did the project get delayed, but its cost also escalated with the passage of time. The project’s cost has gone up from its initial cost of Rs. 49 billion to Rs. 69 billion.
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